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My Experience with Reiki - From Usui to Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki

I was first attuned to Usui Reiki healing energy back in the late 1990's, and I went on to take the Master/ART level around 2004. Back then I used Reiki with my small children and myself, as well as an occasional hypnotherapy client. Although I was trained how to teach as a Master, I somehow never felt to do that. In 2009, I underwent a significant shift in my life, and I dropped all my old healing modalities, including Reiki. I never intended to return to Reiki, but in 2019 through a mysterious sequence of events, I was led back.

An incident with a hospice patient had left me energetically "off." I didn't seem able to shake it, so after a couple weeks I went to a local Reno practitioner to receive a Reiki session. From the beginning of our session, the energy I experienced felt very different. My issue quickly cleared and I felt great...and very curious! Afterwards, I talked to my practitioner who explained I was receiving Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki. This energy is an upgrade of the Usui healing energy light band that has been downloading through William Rand since 2014. My own way of understanding it is to acknowledge that our collective consciousness is expanding, and therefore we are able to receive MORE of the healing spectrum that Usui Reiki exists within. (For more information about Holy Fire Reiki, please read this article on

I resonated so deeply with the energy and her story of the Holy Fire® III origins that I promptly signed up for her next class happening that weekend. As I began to play with the energy with others, I was amazed at the astounding phenomenon that began to occur:

  • Angels began spontaneously appearing in my sessions to do certain things.

  • People often reported multiple hands on their bodies that were not mine.

  • At times, I felt a very advanced being or Angel step behind me and channel healing through my hands.

  • I saw loved ones join for healing and sometimes a circle of ancestors participate.

  • People would feel distinct work happening in an area of their bodies where I was not standing.

  • I had one client who repeatedly experienced shamanic journeying with teachers from another realm and soul retrieval.

I was not intending any of these experiences, and I did not have any specific training in these "techniques." The sessions were simply unfolding in unique ways with higher dimensional help, as the client and I opened. I hold the intention that healing for the highest good occur, and I let go of being attached to a certain outcome.

It helps to understand that I am informed in all that I do by my practice of A Course in Miracles. I trust the Holy Spirit to do the healing in the way that is most helpful for both of us. Reiki, Angels, and all healing modalities can be in service of this Corrective Thought System. My focus is to step back, to listen and follow, and to allow my own mind to be healed of any thought of a "problem."

I went on to re-take all my Reiki classes twice over the next 12 months, plus I added Karuna Holy Fire® III Reiki. For the last 2-1/2 years, I have practiced and taught Holy Fire III Reiki and I continue to be surprised and delighted by what happens. Many of my students share my enthusiasm for this energy and the miracles that it facilitates.

I wrote an article that goes into more detail about some of the early experiences with Holy Fire III. Please read my Reiki Magazine Summer 2020 Article to learn more.

Usui Reiki History Supports Evolution

Today, the majority of Reiki practitioners share and teach Reiki from the Usui lineage. This healing energy came to Miikao Usui in 1922 during a 21-day fast on Mt Kurama yama in Japan. In the last 20 years, research by William Rand, the founder of the International Center for Reiki Training, has provided the Reiki community a contemporary, evidence-based history of Reiki which has corrected some of the misunderstandings that were spread by a mostly-oral tradition.

By returning to original sources and people associated with Usui's healing society in Japan, Rand has revealed that there were other types of Reiki in Japan at the time Usui Sensei was alive. He's also confirmed that Usui himself knew that Reiki was to be continually developed and that he encouraged innovation among his Masters. Usui's contribution was his own Usui Reiki, but he urged others to keep enhancing it.

After World War II, Reiki in Japan mostly fell into disuse or went underground to avoid regulation. It is thanks to a master teacher Mrs. Takata who spread Reiki in the West that Reiki thrives today. (Please see this article for more Reiki history.)


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