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Reiki Student Support

LSHA Reiki students have multiple opportunities every month to stay engaged after class. 


Ongoing participation helps develop a new Reiki practitioner's confidence in their Reiki skills, and gives them a safe place to ask questions, share and receive healing, and more!

Reiki Student Support

Don't let the end of class mean the end of learning! Continue to develop your Reiki energy and skills, learn best-practices for your Reiki business, and more. 

To get the best value, join the Quarterly Mentoring Membership program and receive access to all the engagement and education resources.


LSHA Reiki Student Engagement Opportunities

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LSHA Reiki Students can subscribe to the Quarterly Mentoring Membership for $300 to receive three month's of access to all these learning and engagement opportunities. 


A Mentoring membership is a great way to commit to your Reiki practice. Engaged students stay motivated, keep learning, and keep connecting with others who share  love of Reiki.

Quarterly Mentoring Membership Subscription

Commit to your growth with Reiki!

Building confidence in your Reiki skills and cultivating a practice takes work. Stay engaged, motivated, and in the learning mindset by subscribing to the LSHA Mentoring Membership program. 


Your quarterly membership subscription includes:

Free monthly 1-on-1 mentoring call with Laura

Free Monthly Reiki Share events

Free Monthly Zoom classes on healing and other related topics

Free Review of LSHA Reiki Classes 



A Quarterly Mentoring Membership Subscription costs $300

(Pay in installments with AfterPay)


(a $700 value)

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Mentoring Subscription
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