I work with clients in person from my office in Reno, NV, and remotely over Zoom and phone. Some clients see me for a single "recharge" session as-needed, and many work with me weekly or monthly for extended work.  (See packages.) 


Our collaboration starts with your intentions. Our first session, let's get to know each other a bit! Tell me what has brought you to this type of work. A quick check-in on subsequent sessions will help me learn what has changed since your last session, so I can support your goals. (Please read my important safety information.)

Cancellation/Late policy: Your session appointment is important healing time for you! Plus your appointment takes up a space that other clients can not use. That is not always predictable and things happen. 

--If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment within 48 hours before your session, please use the button on your original session confirmation email, or Contact Me and I can do this for you for a full refund or restoration of your package session.

--In rare cases, a last-minute emergency (sickness, etc.) occurs and you can't make our session. Please contact me asap. I will cancel the session 15 minutes after our time starts if you do not show up or text me.  Cancellations for no-shows/emergencies will get a full refund ONCE. Thank you for your understanding. 




1 Hour -

Holy Fire® III Reiki Session 

In Person or Remote 

Karuna & Usui/Holy Fire III® Reiki frequencies are powerful, but also gentle. Reiki helps release blocks in our energy field that obstruct our life force from flowing freely and create stress and mental, emotional, and physical challenges.


Scientific studies show that Reiki stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which leads to relaxation, pain reduction, and healing. Reiki can support conventional medicine and psychotherapy. Reiki requires no belief, can do no harm, and is appropriate for all ages.

Anecdotal testimony from countless people around the world suggest that Reiki can heal almost every condition and improve almost any life situation.


1 Hour -

Spiritual Life Coaching

If you regard your life as a classroom for spiritual evolution, or you are ready to make this shift, I can support you.  When our life is not working out like we want it to, that is a grand opportunity to grow. We learn to surrender what we thought we knew and open to new healing perspectives and wisdom.


My spiritual approach is based on undoing our resistance. We turn our attention inward to discover and release grievances, and we learn to tune into the innate power and Love that we are. My work is informed by my lifelong study and practice of A Course in Miracles.


1 Hour

Angel Intuition - Healing & Reading

Angels are real. Think of them as High Frequency Spiritual Beings -- or Thoughts of God -- here with us to serve. When we ask them for their help, they will eagerly guide and heal us. They assist us in releasing the past negative ties we have with situations, people, and objects from this lifetime and past/future lifetimes.


I tune into them with you, and we ask them for healing, guidance, and deeper understanding around any question you have.  They often help with "convincers" by giving me information only you could know.


I may suggest an Angel Card Reading to assist, or you can request one.



Hypnotherapy facilitates transformative communication with your subconscious mind and taps you into your own inner wisdom.


This work is profound. Twenty years ago, I received a profound hypnotherapy session that changed my life forever, ending the debilitating bouts of depression that had plagued me for many years.


When we access our deeper mind by creating a resonance between your conscious and unconscious brainwaves, we can update old programming we didn't know was there and stimulate the release of blocked energy. We can ask for guidance and assistance in achieving more well-being and success in all areas of our lives from the expert...You.

Book a 15-minute consultation with me to discuss!

What My Clients Say


Kris Johnson

I’ve known Laura for years. We started with hypnosis and reiki way back then. Recently we reconnected and did a cord cutting Angel experience. Oh my goodness what a powerful healing tool that was! The perfect mix of education, inspiration and healing. The connection she has with Angels is so special. Thanks Laura and the Angels who showed up for me ❤️‍ . I got immediate results!