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Angel Healing

Angel healing, cord cutting, and angel card readings are powerful ways we can interact with the angelic realm.

Angel Healing

Angels are real. Think of them as High Frequency Spiritual Beings -- or Thoughts of God. Angels are here with us to serve our spiritual evolution and healing. When we ask them for their help, they will eagerly respond. They assist us in releasing the past negative ties we have with situations, people, and objects from this lifetime and past/future lifetimes. They rarely tell us what to do, but they help us view our situations from a higher perspective so that we can make new and better decisions.

I tune into them with you, and we ask them for healing, guidance, and deeper understanding around any question you have. They often help with "convincers" by giving me information only you could know.

I may suggest an Angel Card Reading to assist, or you can request one.

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