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Establish new habits and transform old, limiting energies at a deep level of the subconscious mind.


Hypnotherapy facilitates transformative communication with your subconscious mind and taps you into your own inner wisdom.

This work is profound. Twenty years ago, I received a profound hypnotherapy session that changed my life forever, ending the debilitating bouts of depression that had plagued me for many years.

When we access our deeper mind by creating a resonance between your conscious and unconscious brainwaves, we can update old programming we didn't know was there and stimulate the release of blocked energy. We can ask for guidance and assistance in achieving more well-being and success in all areas of our lives from the expert...You.

I may recommend hypnotherapy as part of the spiritual life coaching work we do together, or you may find me for a specific issue that you'd like to work on. Please book a 15-minute consultation with me to discuss!

Note: For smoking and weight-loss, I recommend finding a hypnotherapist who specializes in these areas.

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