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Spiritual Life Coaching

Our life challenges are inviting us to grow spiritually. I can be your mentor, teacher, and cheerleader in this process.

Spiritual Life Coaching

I support people who are transitioning into a more spiritual approach to their lives. When our life is not working out like we want it to -- or when we just feel done with the way things have been and are ready to launch into the new -- that is our invitation from the Spirit! We are being called to "level up" our consciousness and awaken from our old belief system.

Transformation entails learning to surrender what we thought we knew in order to stop recreating the painful past again and again. It can be scary -- but this is how we begin to open to new healing perspectives and wisdom.

My spiritual approach is based on recognizing ego dynamics vs. the power of our True Self. We begin to starve one and feed the other, and I give you helpful methods and sources of teachings to consider. Each of us finds the path right for us by how we resonate.

I help you learn how to tend the garden of your mind by turning inward to discover and release grievances and limiting beliefs. We learn to trust the guidance we receive from a Higher Authority that resonates in our heart. And we learn to tune into the innate power and Love that we are.

My work is informed by my lifelong study and practice of A Course in Miracles and Reiki.

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