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Important Safety Information 

Your safety and following the legal requirements of our state are both very important to me!  Please know I am not a licensed medical or mental health care provider. If you have or suspect a physical illness or mental disorder, talk to your physician. I can not give you medical advice, opinions on treatment, or guidance on your prescriptions. I do not offer medical intuition.


I respect the medical profession and the paradigm that informs it. My healing sessions should not be considered medical or psychological treatments, and this website does not constitute medical advice.

My sessions can be complementary to allopathic interventions.  I am happy to work with care providers to offer their patients complementary Reiki and/or hypnotherapy.  I can support a medical or mental condition with your doctor or psychologist's permission.  (If you are a Licensed Provider, I can help your referrals with your written permission. If you would like to know how I can support your work with your patient, please contact me. )

About the Modalities I Use 

I provide Reiki sessions, intuitive angel healings and card readings, hypnotherapy, sessions, and life coaching.


Reiki is a type of spiritual energy that helps clients release blockages in their energy systems which can promote balance and natural healing. In truth, no one really knows how best to define Reiki or the method of action, although it has measurable effects in controlled, scientific studies. Reiki has been shown multiple times in experiments with control groups to improve healing times after surgery, reduce the need for pain medication, and bring a greater sense of well-being to patients. We also know scientifically that it stimulates the relaxation response. Clairvoyants can see it move, and most everyone who receives a session can feel it in different ways.

Angels are spiritual beings. I sense their presence, and they are available to anyone to work with who chooses to invite them for their help. Angels do not tell us what to do, but they help us make choices from a higher, more spiritual perspective. They can also assist us in releasing the past negative cords. To my knowledge, there is no scientific exploration of angels. However, there is ample testimony from people whose lives they have touched. I leave it to clients interested in this exploration to decide for themselves.


Hypnotherapy is a mind/body technique that helps clients unlock sub-conscious content to promote relaxation, clarity, and wellness. Considerable evidence supports the use of hypnosis for childbirth, pain relief, anxiety -- even surgical anesthesia replacement (especially for those allergic to anesthesia medicine.)  While my training includes hypnosis for pain relief, my focus is on releasing limitations (old memories, emotion, beliefs etc.) so that clients can live more authentic, satisfying lives. I offer hypnotherapy on a case-by-case basis as it seems helpful.


Life coaching is a process of questions and other communication that help a client prioritize what is important to them, identify unhelpful beliefs, and take action that will be helpful. Life coaching includes accountability for making change. A good coach helps you ask the right questions, commit to your steps, keep you accountable, and be your cheerleader.


These are all wellness services permitted by non-licensed healing arts practitioners in Nevada under NSR Chapter 629. 

Safety Information
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