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In 2009, songs started to come to me like downloaded prayers. I felt I had to sing and play them over and over and though they were tuning me to a higher frequency and lifting me out of the grief and fear I had been in for many years. In 2012 I started to share them occasionally with others live (despite my nerves) and over YouTube.

Holy Fire Reiki has a way of synthesizing with all we do. Some people feel very calmed by these tracks.

I hope you enjoy.

Carried All The Way

These are songs written from 2009 to 2013. The recordings were made with friends Rod Rasnake and Donna Moldovan in their home studio. Rod Rasnake adds some lovely guitar solos and Donna Moldovan adds backup vocals and shaker. 


In 2013 I contributed to music on these recordings made at Strawberry Fields Forever Enlightenment Festival, hosted by Living Miracles in Utah.

A few more...

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