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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Reiki session like?  


Reiki (pronounced "ray kee") is a Japanese energy healing technique. Clients are fully-clothed on a massage table, and light touch or no touch is used on and around their body. Almost everyone feels some sensation like warmth, cold, movement, etc. with their first session. At the end of a first session, people feel more relaxed and quiet. Other healing may become evident over time.


Reiki energy is something our own systems develop a rapport with; with multiple sessions or a Reiki class responses to Reiki tend to become enhanced with more sensation, awareness, insights, movement of blocks, etc.

2. What is the difference between Usui-style, Holy Fire®, and Karuna?

Usui Reiki was discovered by Mikao Usui in the early part of the 20th century. Laura was trained as a master practitioner in Usui Reiki in the early 2000s. Reiki helps release blocked "ki," or life force energy. With free-flowing ki, balance is restored which promotes natural healing. Effects of a Reiki session normally include a profound sense of relaxation. Emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and transpersonal healing can happen, and helpful new insights are common.

One important distinction between other energy healing methods and Reiki is that Reiki does not use personal ki energy. Instead, the practitioner channels Reiki from a higher source to the client, much like an electric cord "channels" electricity from an outlet (the source) to the lightbulb. The practitioner is never depleted, and, in fact, she receives healing in the process of offering Reiki. The client is not receiving personal energy from another human, which is important.

Usui/Holy Fire® III is a unique Reiki energy that William Rand received beginning in 2014 that seems to expand the Usui Reiki spiritual energy. Laura found Holy Fire in 2019 and became recertified to take advantage of its powerful frequencies.


In March 2020, Holy Fire® III was upgraded to be teachable via remote technology, such as Zoom. Now teachers with this energy can offer students Reiki classes and give them placements (formerly "attunements") and master ignitions remotely.

Holy Fire® is like a bigger spectrum of healing energy that heals, guides, purifies, and empowers. It helps clients and practitioners release cultural limitations and negative ego, so that they can live as their authentic selves.  Holy Fire® III also enables Reiki to work on individuals in a group setting as part of a Reiki Experience that master-level practitioners can facilitate. Holy Fire® III Reiki is beautiful, powerful spiritual energy that can have positive impacts on your life in many ways, as a client, practitioner, and Reiki teacher.  

Karuna Holy Fire® III Reiki ​​has additional powerful tools. Karuna means "compassionate action" in Sanskrit. 

3. What are Angel sessions? (I mean...are Angels Real?!?)

Yes, Angels are real! Each soul has one or more guardian Angel, plus there are many Archangels with special functions who serve us in many special ways. There are also legions of other Angelic helpers. 

Think of Angels as "thoughts of God" here to serve. They are unique manifestations of the Holy Spirit and can be called on anytime for protection, guidance, and healing. They are happy to assist when invited, but they can only intervene when we agree or at our request.

Laura tunes into the unified field to receive images, words, feelings, and other communication from the angels.  Angels also have special ways to release negative connections to old situations, people, objects, etc. Angels, like Reiki, work at a high frequency and most people feel their presence and impact of their healing as it happens. They can give us insights that help us navigate relationships or important decisions. They can help clear our energetic field of disturbances. ​ Angel card readings are fun, powerful ways the angels communicate with us about a heartfelt question you might have.

Angels do not tell us "do this or do that", but they help us spiritually evolve by giving us higher ways of thinking about a problem, or insights about how we can move forward in a freer, more loving way that aligns with our soul's purpose.

4.How many healing sessions are recommended?

The optimal number of healing sessions for someone varies. One rule of thumb, however, is that healing is cumulative. We are like onions with many layers, and for most of us, healing is ongoing. We heal one layer, then we find a new one surfaces. In this way, our healing can be gentle. 


One session might be sufficient, or a series of ongoing, weekly sessions might be more appropriate. Laura offers packages of 4 sessions at a discount to encourage more in-depth healing work or regular maintenance and check-in sessions.   

5. Do distance sessions work? What are they like?

Yes! Laura joins with you in the unified field using Reiki to let the energy channel to you much like if you were receiving an in-person session. She can join with you to collaborate with you and the Angels via distance, too. Time and space do not limit our ability to join.  

Both distance Reiki and Angel sessions often bring about a sense of relaxation and other sensations. Some may get a bit emotional as energy is surfaced and moved, or they may feel slightly light-headed. These effects are temporary and always beneficial.   

Distance healing makes it possible for Laura to work with English-speaking people from all over the U.S. an abroad via phone and Zoom. Calls can be recorded at the client's request, and you can receive an MP3 link to download if you wish. Laura will also take images of any cards used Angel sessions.

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