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Divine Interventions - Episode 9 - "True Forgiveness" is a way of Seeing

True Forgiveness is a particularly important concept in ACIM. It is a path of relationship – we use our relationships to witness the unconscious guilt that gets projected from the unconscious in order that we can “forgive” and undo the egoic belief system rooted in guilt/fear. I talk about how we start out believing we are a person forgiving other people and situations – we can start here and stay here for a very long time. At some point, however, the Light dawns that we are a Mind.

Divine Interventions: Season 1, Episode 8 - You as Christ Consciousness

In my eighth podcast episode, it is almost Christmas, and keeping with the season I talk about living as Christ Consciousness.

Divine Interventions - Season 1, Episode 7: Your Spiritual "Sea Legs"

In my seventh podcast episode, I talk about how the spiritual seeker/student reaches a point where they pivot their focus. Usually, this happens as a result of being disillusioned with trying to fix and control and heal. Now there is a pivot -- a new focus on the inner condition. The ordinary life situations and upsets that we all face become our means for awakening from the dream.

Divine Interventions - Season 1, Episode 6 - Where all nondual paths meet

In my sixth podcast episode, I talk about how nondual spiritual paths parallel each other. Each strives to make the seeker aware that they are awareness, and each has its own pointers and methods of practice. (For those new to the term, nondual spirituality says that Reality is One/God/Self and that differences are illusion/dream.)

Divine Interventions - Season 1, Episode 5: Intro to A Course in Miracles, one path of many

In my fifth podcast episode, I offer a brief introduction to A Course in Miracles as a divine intervention and how it informs my practice of Reiki, but also my life. I make it clear at the beginning that I never try to sell people on ACIM, however much I am dedicated to it for myself.

Divine Interventions: Season 1, Episode 4 - The Divine Dimensions of Reiki

In my fourth podcast, I talk about the Divine Dimensions of Reiki and how I have come to see that it is a healing energy, but so much more.

Divine Interventions: Season 1, Episode 3 - The Trap of "Spiritual" Life vs. "Normal" Life

In my third podcast, I talk about how easy it is to fall into a trap once we've had some kind of divine intervention that has changed us. It is tempting to feel our "worldly" life has no meaning and that we should drop out of our work, families, etc. Better to get rid of the categories -- spiritual life vs. worldly life -- and make everything a spiritual classroom.

Divine Interventions - Season 1, Episode 2: Spiritual Healing Subtracts

In this discussion, I try to highlight key aspects about spiritual healing without using language that is derived from a specific form of healing and that doesn't betray the uniqueness of any forms. One analogy I use is how we are like instruments that a Divine Intelligence can play. Interaction is ultimately a subtraction process, releasing layers of fear and false identity.

Divine Interventions: Season 1, Episode 1 - Introduction to Spiritual Healing and Why it Matters

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