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Holy Fire® Reiki Package - Four 60-Minute Sessions

Reiki Energy Healing is cumulative -- save 17% with a package!


This package is for four 1-hour Reiki sessions, and represents a savings of 17% from the single-session price. These sessions may be used in person or via distance (Zoom or phone). 

About the Holy Fire Reiki Package

When you purchase the Holy Fire Reiki Package online, you will receive a package code. You can use this during the regular booking process. You will also receive a special link for booking that will plug in your code automatically. 

The system will track your usage for you.

About Holy Fire Sessions

Laura may incorporate Reiki Experiences, Angel guidance, and other healing techniques into your Reiki session. This is always as guided and with the client's permission. 

  (Expires after 1 year.)

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