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Hypnosis & Reiki Bundle

Tap into the subconscious energy blocking you, then accelerate its release with Holy Fire Reiki


Hypnotherapy -- using hypnosis for therapeutic purposes -- is a powerful way to harness the power of our subconscious wisdom to heal and create meaningful change.  Laura combines hypnosis with Holy Fire Reiki energy healing to accelerate healing around a particular issue.

About the Reiki & Hypnosis Bundle

This package is for four 2-hour sessions at $600. Subsequent sessions are $200 each (or you can buy another pkg of 4 for $600, which is a discount of 25%). Most clients see rapid results in 4, but may want to continue to develop the healing into new areas. Sessions should be scheduled weekly or more frequently for optimal results.

Please schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call with Laura if you'd like to discuss your goal and whether hypnotherapy would be appropriate.

Why Hypnosis and Reiki Work Together

Many times, we have limitations that are being caused by irrational (i.e. not logical) content stored in our subconscious. This part of our mind is below our ordinary awareness, which is why we can't think or discipline ourselves out of these limits.  The energy of this content holds us back, keeps us stuck in limiting patterns, causes dis-ease to show up in various areas of our lives, etc.

Hypnosis uses the natural power of your mind to slow the brainwaves down and help establish therapeutic communication with a deeper part of you. From here, a client follows Laura's direction and suggestion based on good hypnotic techniques to connect with both their subconscious wisdom, as well as the old stuck energy (memories, emotions, beliefs).  Helping the client end the dissociation between these two aspects of themselves leads to an unfolding process of release, integration, healing and growth. The client heals themselves in a natural process.

After hypnosis, a Holy Fire Reiki session is frequently very powerful. Reiki Healing energy promotes the continued release of old blocks carried in your energetic system and recharges the biofield with life force energy.

What to Expect

Sessions are 2 hours each. The first session will include a talk about hypnosis (more detail about why and how it works, the myths, etc.), instruction for self hypnosis/meditation at home, a recording made by Laura, and an in-depth interview about your goal and relevant history. If there is time, Reiki will be included at the end.  

Subsequent sessions will include both hypnosis, then Reiki.

Laura's work is client-centered. She tailors her work with you to your unique situation, goals, and inner sub-conscious wisdom. 

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