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Hypnotherapy Project Bundle

Tap into the wisdom of your subconscious to create change


Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to harness the power of our subconscious wisdom to heal and create meaningful change.

About the Hypnotherapy Bundle

The Hypnotherapy Bundle is for four 90-minute sessions at $450 (a 17% discount) to address a particular goal. Subsequent sessions for the same goal are $135 each. Most clients see rapid results in 4 to 6 sessions. In most cases, sessions should be scheduled weekly or more frequently for optimal results.

Please schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call with Laura if you'd like to discuss your goal and whether hypnotherapy would be appropriate.

Why Hypnotherapy Works

Many times, we have limitations that are being caused by irrational (i.e. not logical) content stored in our subconscious. This part of our mind is below our conscious awareness, which is why we can't think or plan or discipline ourselves out of these limits. 

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to establish therapeutic communication with that part of your mind, so you can quickly connect with energy within you that supports you, as well as pinpoint the energy and beliefs that may be holding you back.

What to Expect

Your sessions will include a talk about hypnosis (more detail about why and how it works, the myths, etc.), instruction for self hypnosis at home, a recording made by Laura, an in-depth interview about your goal and relevant history, and a short series of hypnosis sessions which last up to 90 minutes each.

Laura's hypnotherapy sessions are offered in person and remotely via Zoom (preferred) or phone.

Laura's work is client centered. She tailors her work with you to your unique situation, goals, and inner sub-conscious wisdom. 

After the induction, she may use ideomotor finger signals, exploratory questions, the affect bridge/regression techniques, and other techniques to communicate with a client's subconscious. 

Healing change happens when clients are motivated to practice self-hypnosis and to participate 100% in their sessions. As clients learn how they can harness their own sub-conscious power to creatively solve problems, they often get really inspired.  Hypnosis is a relatively fast way to update old programming, integrate important parts of themselves, discover latent abilities and creativity, etc.

About the number of sessions you may need

Again, many goals can be accomplished with a short series of sessions. Laura recommends starting with the idea it will take about 6 sessions for most issues.  However, some issues are lifelong and complex, and they will benefit from extended sessions, such as 8 to 12. (Not more than this for the same project goal.)   Another bundle can be purchased (which is a discounted per-session price), or individual sessions can be purchased during the scheduling process.

(Expires in 1 year from date of purchase.)

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