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Miracles & Reality Shifts

I have gone quiet for several months. It's good for all of us to honor the call to go within when it comes.

We quiet the urge to be busy.

We get still and listen.

We release anything heavy or confining or demanding

We allow a softness to come to the forefront of our daily living.

For me, it's been a time of subtle but profound shifts...things that used to feel separate in my mind have been coming together. Perspectives that I held in distinct compartments in my mind are synthesizing. I feel more whole as a result. I also feel more in tune with the Miracle and watch as they unfold every day.

I would like to share something exciting with you. It's not really new, but perhaps my expression will be meaningful. It comes from a new clarity I have about things:

What you see happening in your life and your world right now is merely potentiality. In fact, there are 8 billion people living 8 billion slightly different "realities," which are the sum total of effects of the minds' decisions. Individual "realities" are nuanced according to personal internal conditions.

We live scripts, as the Course in Miracles describes it, that seem to be "real" but are really potentialities that already exist in the quantum field. In addition to our private, subjective realities, there are collective realities (family, cultural, global) that many people share because of a strong subconscious agreement.

Why this matters

When we are challenged, the habit most of us have is to listen to fear from multiple sources, including our news, gossip, our memories and internal narratives about past history of trauma, etc. In doing so, we continually reaffirm past meaning which becomes baked into the challenge at hand as the "story," or what it means. This "story" of reality we tell ourselves and each other, includes the dynamics we believe in, the rules of the world, the way things "have always been," our ideas for what must change to fix things, and how likely or possible that is.

When facing something unexpected or undesirable, we defend our story, even though it is unpleasant. Perceptually, the facts, past and present, are subjectively selected and arranged to support the truth of our story. We worry, we fret about terrible outcomes, and we share our woes with others. This strengthens the story in me, in the other I am sharing with, and in the collective.

The quantum field

At a quantum level, we know that our observation of something changes its behavior. Before we observe, every quantum entity is neither a wave nor hangs out there as a potential. Observation activates a choice and matter responds.

When our mind has an observational bias, it's like we are activating a piece of maladaptive computer code that is looping; we are continually pinging the quantum field, asking for it to return a negative response in agreement with our decision. Minds are joined, and we are spreading the "story" just as a virus spreads. Other minds that answer our ping perpetuate that energy in their own field/network.

We inadvertently live out and spread our beliefs, i.e. negative stories. The kicker is that no "story" ever heals! You can not heal a story of betrayal or victimization or war or global warming or racism or any other ill. What seems to happen is an effect of thought. It is reinforced subconsciously over and over by continually pinging the quantum energy field over and over with a disruptive story pattern. It's like throwing a rock into a still pool of water. The water responds with ripples.

Lots of rocks create a chaotic surface. Those ripples or colliding patterns can't really be healed...they are nothing but a temporary effect on the quantum field. So a story can't be healed. But it can be dropped. You can just let it go. Stop hurling the rocks. You can "unsubscribe" to the newsfeed in your mind that keeps it compulsively present in your thoughts.

This is so good to know, because this means changing the operating system...choosing Love over fear... from the inside is all that is needed to shift your experience.

I know this is not easy many times. The mystics have been telling us to quiet our minds for eons. We are deep in a hypnosis believing in a Newtonian world of duality and mechanistic matter and past history of events, global and personal. It takes effort and diligence to unwind our mind and wake up. But there is Help available for anyone ready.

Receiving the Correction

I think of this Help as the Intervention, a higher Corrective mind that comes from outside the system of thought stuck in fear with which we have identified. My own spiritual path A Course in Miracles calls it the Holy Spirit. Many spiritual paths and different types of healing and meditation etc. can support us as we move out of this old fear-based mind operating system.

We are changing channels literally, from low frequency thought to a Corrective Higher Thought system that provides an interrupt/intervention to the status quo of fear and duality. Daily, we use our time to undo the low patterns of judgment and fear that get superimposed on the Still Quiet Truth. We desire the Truth instead of our old interpretations. We become what ACIM calls "happy learners" no matter what is happening.

All of us can live in Miracles. Take the attitude: The buck stops here. From this place, the Holy Spirit is activated for you. Learn you want to let go....forgive....see through the effect on the screen of our life to the Truth beneath. Gradually, we let develop trust in a new way of living and finding purpose. A new potentiality can come into our experience as the obstructions are undone, or the fear ripples smoothed out. We don't see the same world anymore. This is how our reality can truly shift miraculously.

Reality Shifts

As our mind is healed of guilt, fear, shame, hate, and all the low energy of ego, the compulsive thoughts that keep playing out as negative potentialities stop. We don't need these lessons to forgive. We've released the patterns of destructive thought. So-called "future" effects of that thought collapse in our experience of linear time. Our reality shifts...miraculously.

As A Course in Miracles teaches us in Rules for Decision, we can ask for the day we want to have instead -- all the peace, joy, and abundance in all its forms -- and watch it unfold as we determine not to listen to fear/judgment. (Learn more about ACIM.)

It sounds too simple. It is simple. Only our attraction to guilt/fear makes it appear otherwise. Be willing to say "no" to fear and guilt. Be open to a new experience! Be willing to be wrong about reality, so you can let Reality reveal its beauty and miraculous nature to you.

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