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Moving Energy to Transmute and Transcend Old Patterns

Moving energies that have been limiting us so they can be transmuted and transcended is a common thread in all my healing work.

Here's a short discussion on the different healing methods and what you might experience, as well as how to cooperate with the process.


During Reiki energy sessions, for example, this divinely guided healing energy is opening pathways through our energetic system (our chakras, meridians, etc.) where we have blocks that have inhibited our free-flowing life energy. A client actually might not feel too much during the session. Or he/she may only feel a a little movement...little pulses of electricity, warmth, coldness, tugs, twitches, etc. Maybe our stomachs start to growl (I am also getting a healing as the practitioner!), our eyelids flutter, or even tears happen for no reason....all of these are signs that our subtle energy is moving.

After a Reiki session, we almost always feel relaxed; this is another important sign that the reiki energy has been clearing our energetic field.

But then maybe later at home there's a small flood of emotion that comes upon you for "no good reason." If this happens, I assure you there IS a good reason, and it is very beneficial. Emotion is energy, and when it arises spontaneously during or after a session, it is moving through our conscious awareness on its way out. I feel the light of our awareness is actually part of the healing process. By becoming conscious of it and even welcoming it without trying to fix or change it, we help ourselves transcend it.


Hypnotherapy is another powerful way to tap into and release this blocked energy. Stagnant blocked energy is there because of emotions that were repressed by us. We did this because of our limited awareness/beliefs (including our cultural conditioning) and because of the inhospitable conditions occurring at the time. It gets locked away, deep down in our nervous system and unconscious, and this prevents it from being updated and integrated as we heal and mature in other ways.

Whether it is old grief or anger or fear of some kind, it sometimes makes a bit of a show as it uncoils and leaves us. If we treat ourselves with compassion and can recognize what's happening as a helpful process, we can welcome it safely and without a story. Remembering it is just energy and that we don't need to understand or do anything about it helps it pass quickly. This is great, because it means healing is happening at a deep level!

This type of healing can also yield profound, life-changing insights. After our reiki session in our debrief -- or as part of our hypnotherapy session -- an aha may occur about a pattern that has been keeping you feeling stuck. You might discover a misconception you took on at an early age, a maladaptive coping solution that isn't serving you anymore, or even an imprint you inherited from an authority figure.

Or we might realize, for instance, that we have felt blah because we have not been expressing our authentic nature where our passion and enthusiasm are sourced.

These kinds of helpful understandings are often spontaneous after the energy moves, because thought, memory, and belief are also energy. And since this energy makes up the lens of our perception, as old stagnant content is released, our experience of ourselves and others can dramatically improve!

Many people will also continue discovery after they leave the office -- you may have a dream, for example, that reveals something profound, because dreams are another way the subconscious communicates. Or you may have a spontaneous memory of yourself as a child having fun, which helps you tap into your joy.


I work with Angels to do Tarot-type readings and healings. Angels are often part of my reiki sessions, too; they help us become aware of helpful insights, and they facilitate healing at a spiritual level that we may not be conscious of.

As helpers from God/Source, angels are here to encourage us and help lift us into higher states of consciousness by responding to our requests for help. They will help us see through our blind areas, while also giving us loving ways of appreciating ourselves and even our problems and mistakes, which they regard as our opportunities for growth and spiritual evolution.

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