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Navigating Tips On The Spiritual Journey - Part 2

We are all somewhere in an awakening process. When we have an awareness of this, then we embark on the Spiritual Journey with intention. We may enjoy a honeymoon period for a while, and it feels so amazing compared to the deadness we used to live.

But the world mirrors our inner condition. While we are "cleaning house" within ourselves, most likely, we're going to hit turbulent waters because to awaken we are going to instigate the dredging up of the fear in us. (Please read Part 1 for context.)

I often say we need to be like stones skipping on top of the water to cross. But if we lose our stability in the world, we are more prone to the ego's sabotage tricks. We end up capsizing and sinking to the bottom a while. We suffer longer than we ever needed to. We reinforce our rage and/or guilt...the very stuff we are here to forgive and let go of.

I teach from what I know. I could have saved myself time and suffering. But I didn't know then what I know now...isn't that always the case?

We are NEVER alone, and I always had Help. The Inner Teacher is always with us and will always help us change our minds. But when we capsize, we forget that. I sure did.

As soon as we remember, though, the Hand that has been outstretched the whole time can be seen. We can ask for Help and be confident it will come.

Everything works out when our purpose is certain, so even though I often caused myself more suffering than necessary, I am here now ..and with more wisdom. No harm, no foul.

Now I would love to be in service helping you save time.

Practical Advice

Maintaining your stability, even while you are sailing through storms in and around you that are rocking the ship, is a skill you can develop and a key to the fast track out of suffering.

You do not have to capsize. You do not have to sink to the bottom and suffer prolongedly.

Here are some tips for navigating the rough seas you may encounter:

1) Do not tell your "stories" to people. I mean your stories of your suffering, victimization, your past, etc. If you do tell them, be very conscious of your purpose. If you are seeing a psychologist, perhaps this is part of your coming to clarity. But be watchful.

The ego feeds on the energy that it thinks it gets from others. Telling the story of "my life" is a favorite way to reinforce the reality of the story and the ego's interpretations. The ego is always soldier-gathering. It loves the attention, and it also loves being ignored/dismissed because then it can feel like a victim some more.

Other people's ego's do the exact same thing, so when we are sharing our stories, their own ego's are often activated -- they are feeding on energy of superiority or reinforcement of their own interpretations or in a game of subtle or obvious one-upmanship. ("You think you had a hard childhood? I had to walk everyday to school 10 miles in the snow uphill both ways" yadda yadda yadda...)

2) Stop planning and obsessing about finding future happiness in a better <fill in blank>. This is a distraction away from your present condition. It is the same old method the ego uses to keep dominant.

I am not saying to assume you are stuck where you are forever. (That's where the ego jumps to...did you catch it?) The future will be more of the past unless you undo the cause. To do this, let go of the future and follow the rest of these tips. The point of spiritual healing is to undo the past so you don't keep reliving it as the so-called "future" (as in, the new plans that never work out, right?).

Be in the present moment. Do not let your mind wander into the future further than the tip of your nose.

3) Take care of your business. In my house, this is called "TCB"'s a noun, it's a verb (as in "TCB-ing the bills, the yard clean up, etc." Keep your commitments, do what needs to be done. Stop excusing yourself because you don't feel like it. You are NOT going to feel like it before you start when the storm is raging. That's because egoic content is activated in you.

You are turning over control to the actual True Power. It won't ever feel like you WANT TO because you are still believing you are the energy that DOESN'T WANT TO. The reversal is going to feel wrong. Do it anyway.

The ego is going to keep you in chaos. It will make you feel like it is too much work to floss your teeth, go to work, be patient when your kid is yelling, or pay your bills. Do it anyway.

  • Be firm. But go Gently. Be your own parent. Parent the child, you, that you love very much but who must learn to do his homework.

  • TCB with the Spirit as your Strength. You are turning over control to the actual True Power. It won't ever feel like you WANT TO because you are still believing you are the energy that DOESN'T WANT TO. The reversal is going to feel wrong. Do it anyway.

How do you know if it is the right thing to do? Don't over analyze! Is it what a normal, healthy person does in a day? Or does it sound helpful and it's not terribly extravagant or require a massive reconfiguration of everything?

Yes? Fine. That's it. Do it. It doesn't actually matter if it's "the Spiritually guided thing."

Just keep moving. Just be normal.

4) Use your available time to fill your mind with Spiritual teachings and spend quiet time with God. This is so key. This is what will change you. Time for you has to have an increased value -- it is no longer something to just spend in distraction as a way to get through it. (i.e. wasting time.) Now you must carefully spend, and even guard, your time like the precious asset that it is. You might need to stop doing things that take up time in order to have more of it for your new priorities.

Any time not spent sleeping or TCB-ing should be spent with God in some way. This includes your own inner investigation work. You could be listening to Satsangs on YouTube, doing Byron Katie "Judge your neighbor" worksheets, reading the Bible or the spiritual text that speaks to you, or in quiet prayer. You could be practicing Reiki or another healing modality on yourself or others, receiving Reiki or other healing, taking a healing workshop, etc. You know what works for you.

This is so important, maybe I should have put it first. But do you see why I didn't? Do you understand that you need the stability that tips 1 through 3 maintain in order to be able to do 4? Leave it to the ego energy, and it will make sure you are always dealing with mayhem, real or imagined, and thus have no time for this step. EGO = Edging God Out.

5) Find ways to give selflessly. Volunteer, pay it forward somehow, give extra time to your colleagues, friends, and family. Be a listener and a giver. (Not a talker and a taker). If you are alone, do it within your mind... give to everyone in your mind all the forgiveness and love and appreciation that you would like to have for yourself. Give the world its innocence.

You actually need to do this. As you fill yourself with new teachings and the impartations of the Spirit, you have to share what you receive in terms of the goodness and peace. Sharing is not an option -- it is an essential part of the process. Sharing, extending, giving of yourself quietly....without being noticed for it, and without wanting appreciation or approval or compensation... is how you know You Are Spirit. It is how you demonstrate the Truth of You in your experience. You are giving for your Self.

And if you don't share regularly, consistently? Then everything stays theoretical, meaning intellectual. Intellectual understanding is hardly even a beginning. It won't replace the ego. The ego will happily knock off the intellectual learning with a new drama.

We have to embody the truth to make it our own.

6) Ask for Help. This should also be number 1. But I fall back to what I said on #4. We don't want help when we're being dominated by the ego. We want to be right.

7) Don't judge yourself ...not even for failing to do anything on this list! If you know you are in ego and don't want help right now, and if you've done nothing on this list that's helpful ...and everything you've done is WRONG....and if you are wallowing and judging and whining and crying...and obsessing about the future and cursing the past... just don't judge yourself.

And if you judge yourself anyway (which, who are we kidding, of course, we will judge ourselves!), don't judge yourself for judging.

We can't be more ready than we are. I couldn't and you can't either. But even being unready is somehow magically part of making us ready in the near future.

All is well, my Friend. I hope this helps.


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