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Thinking about taking a Reiki class, but unsure? Read this.

As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I often talk to clients whom I feel would benefit from taking a Holy Fire III Reiki I/II class.

These clients are often familiar with receiving Reiki, and they respond very well to it. Sometimes they are going through stress in their lives or are dealing with a physical condition, and they receive Reiki as part of their support. Other times they are opening up spiritually -- they may be tuning into the angelic realm, beginning to see their lives in a spiritual context, opening up to their empathic natures, etc. Some may have children who have anxiety or other family members who have issues.

When I suggest a class to these people when I think they might benefit, often they seem to close down quickly to the idea. When I gently press them for a reason, it almost always involves a misconception or two. Here are some examples:

  • "I don't think I can learn how to do what you do -- I don't have your spiritual gifts."

  • "I don't want to be a reiki practitioner...that's not for me."

  • "I don't have that kind of dedication or commitment to learn energy healing."

  • "I prefer receiving Reiki, so I wouldn't want to take a Reiki class."

  • "I am not sure how taking a Reiki class would benefit me."

Deciding to take a Reiki class is certainly a personal matter. However, I hope to dispel some of the myths and false assumptions about it. That way you can decide if it is truly for you or not!

No special spiritual gifts are required.

This is one of the most common misperceptions -- that Reiki practitioners need to be clairvoyant or have other sensory abilities. We don't! Reiki practitioners are conduits -- like an extension cord for electricity. We open to the Reiki energy, and it flows. Reiki is doing the healing, not the practitioner.

What's also true is that Reiki practitioners may find their intuition or other sensory abilities naturally strengthen. This is a byproduct of healing, but not required.

Many people take Reiki classes for themselves and their families with no intention to be a Reiki practitioner.

People tend to assume that only people who want to be Reiki practitioners take Reiki classes. This is actually very far from the truth. I myself took Reiki more than 20 years ago and I became a master around 2004. I took it for my own healing primarily, and it was only in the last 4 years ago that I started a business as a Reiki practitioner. For many years, I used Reiki to alleviate my own stress and to comfort my kids when they were stressed or sick. Occasionally, a friend, hypnotherapy client, or corporate colleague would ask for it. I never felt to make it a formal practice until 2019.

We never really know -- some students assume they will never be a practitioner, then years later they find they are attracted to it (like I was.) And sometimes it is the other way around. Either way, the benefits of a Reiki class make it a blessing in someone's life.

Since Reiki is something we receive from a Universal source, no major commitment or dedication to learning a skill is required.

People have a hard time accepting that all we need to do is intend for Reiki to flow, and it does -- but it's true! If you are taught Reiki by a true master who has received the attunements or placements, then you have Reiki. Of course, our Reiki can be developed and grow stronger as we use it and as we heal. But unlike other energy healing modalities that do require special diets and exercises, meditation techniques, living impeccably, etc. Reiki puts no requirements on us. We just allow the Universal Source of divinely guided healing energy to flow.

Reiki students can give themselves Reiki, plus when they offer Reiki, they are also receiving Reiki.

For people who think they prefer to receive Reiki from a practitioner, well, the good news is that you can give self Reiki anytime you want. Your hands are always with you! At the stop light, in the conference room at work, if you awaken at night and can't sleep. These are perfect times to give yourself Reiki. And -- when you share it with others, you are also receiving a powerful Reiki session for yourself! The energy is flowing through you first and then out to the other -- so you are both benefitting.

Finally, Reiki students still benefit from receiving Reiki from other people, and now you have more options. Reiki shares and meeting with friends to do reiki trades are great ways to give and receive Reiki regularly. Plus, you can still see your favorite practitioner. The effects just tend to get stronger and stronger, because you are becoming clearer and clearer.

Reiki classes are tremendously healing. Holy Fire III Reiki continues to work to heal us even when we are not using it or aware of it.

Some people just aren't sure why they'd take Reiki. The WIFM ("What's in it for me?") is what they want to know.

Going through a Holy Fire III class is a tremendously healing experience. But even after class, the Reiki healing energies continue to work on us -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Holy Fire Reiki is working continuously to heal, purify, guide, and empower us. It's often challenging to pinpoint how our class impacted us because often the changes show up gradually and we may not be able to directly point to Reiki as the cause.

After you take a class, a good way to assess its value (beyond the effects you see from actual self reiki) is simply by reflecting back 6 months or more before your class -- have you become more peaceful? Any conditions drop away? Are your relationships, abundance and life circumstances generally improving? Is life tending to go your way more often -- are you more inspired, energized, content?

For myself, I know that I no longer have certain digestion conditions, sinus problems, and emotional issues, and relationship problems. I feel younger. Reiki is not the only reason, but it contributes significantly.

I have also seen dramatic changes in students between when they take Reiki II and six months later when they have fully integrated the healing frequencies. Sometimes the difference is like -- WOW!! I may have to reflect this for the student in front of me for them to recognize it for themself, but then we both celebrate!

In short, taking a Reiki class should be a considered a good thing in a general way for all kinds of reasons and just about everyone, young and old alike. Many or all of the benefits can be personal, yet its a gift you can also share with others if you feel to. And remember Reiki can do no harm and is always safe to offer.

* * *

Are you looking for support through Reiki, Angel Guidance, or Spiritual Life Coaching? Book a session with me, or set up your session or 15-minute free consultation by booking online.

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