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Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is a powerful healing method for our animals.

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is a profound healing method for the animal kingdom, including our four-legged family members as well as all other domestic and wild animals.

The animal kingdom has its own needs, and my training from the International Center for Reiki Training includes a special Reiki frequency that is tailored for them. All Animal Reiki is done with permission of both the caregiver and also the animal.

During our Animal Reiki session, I will interview you about your animal. Next I will tune into your animal with Reiki and ask for permission to offer Reiki. Animals will most often consent, but occasionally they may say "no." In those rare cases, I will ask to check in later in case they mean "no for now"; I may also send you, the caregiver, Reiki if you have given me your permission.

Animal Reiki is good for alleviating animal stress/anxiety, for helping with behavioral problems, and for healing caregiver stress related to empathy for the animals. It can bring peace and smooth transitions during compassionate euthanasia.

You can read about my experience with Coco, a Siberian husky who was healed of anxiety-inducing trauma with Animal Reiki.

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