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Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is a powerful healing method for pets and their caregivers

Animal Reiki

About ICRT Animal Reiki

While all kinds of Reiki can be shared with animals and pets, Laura offers ICRT Animal Reiki. This is a special frequency that has been tailored for the Animal Kingdom and which comes with special tools and instruction for humans that help them work with animals in a way that is tailored for their needs.

ICRT Animal Reiki also includes caregiver reiki, when the caregiver gives permission. Laura has seen amazing healing happen between pet caregivers and their animals.

What to expect

When you book your Animal Reiki session, an intake form will ask for some important details about the animal, as well as a digital photo. All Animal Reiki sessions are distance sessions via phone or Zoom. This is for everyone's safety, especially your animal.

Your session will begin with a conversation between you, the caregiver, and Laura, so she can understand more about your situation and clarify expectations.

After your check-in, Laura will tune into your animal with Animal Reiki and offer him/her the healing energy. If your animal consents, they will receive Reiki. Animal Reiki always requires permission from the caregiver and the animal. Most animals consent, and Laura will feel the energy flowing to them.

Occasionally, they refuse to give consent. This might be because it is a bad time (like they would prefer to rest, play, eat, etc.) Or the animal might have another reason.

Laura and the caregiver can determine how to proceed -- she can offer Reiki to you, the caregiver, then tune into your animal later and check again. Or she can agree with you on a better time to try again.

Let your animal be themselves

During the Reiki session, animals should be allowed to roam freely and do whatever they feel! If your animal gets up and leaves, that's okay. Healing for your animal is offered on their terms, and they are free to be and do what they want.

You may be surprised how your animal quickly calms down when the energy starts, however. Often they may chew a toy (especially young pups), or they may simply lay down and look like they are sleeping. Keep alert for signs of changes in their breathing or other subtle cues. Often caregivers notice that something is happening!

Animals Take What They Want

Animals are very fast and efficient! Some may only want 10 or 15 minutes of Reiki, while others may take up the whole hour. Again, if the animal wants Reiki only a very short time, we can determine how to proceed.

Caregiver Reiki

Receiving Reiki as the caregiver can be beneficial in so many ways for both you and your animal! Laura encourages caregivers to open to this beautiful healing energy for themselves. Animals and their caregivers often have a special healing relationship, and it is beautiful to see how they actually heal together with Animal Reiki.

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