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Hypnosis & Reiki

Explore, discover, and heal with the subconscious mind and your energetics

Hypnosis & Reiki

Laura combines hypnotherapy with Reiki to accelerate healing and change. Hypnosis is a type of transformative communication with your subconscious mind. After tapping into the content at this level for positive change, Reiki can further promote release, healing, and integration.

Please note: Laura strongly recommends a client book a free discovery call before booking a hypnosis session, so Laura can learn more about your goal. Unless the client has experienced successful hypnosis in the past, most people will do best by purchasing a bundle of 4 sessions to start. Also, often this work takes more than one session. The first session must include time for explaining more about hypnosis, building rapport with each other, and talking more about the goal.

More about Hypnosis

Our subconscious mind influences our experience of life in countless ways. It is the part of our brain that runs our biology, for instance, and it speaks to us in dreams, emotions, inspiration, etc.

In terms of healing or positive change, our normal, rational thinking cannot always override the irrational content in the deeper mind. When these parts of us are in conflict, we may know better, but we can't stop our reactions.

For example:

You know you are safe around a dog wearing a muzzle that is tied to a fence, but you get extremely anxious when the dog barks.

You are good at your job and are normally confident expressing yourself, but when a particular manager talks to you, you freeze up and can't speak.

Often our attempts to change the way we think and behave fall short, because there is a subconscious belief, misconception, or "solution" developed at an early age in the way. Our perceptual experience derives from this buried content.

Hypnosis helps us access the subconscious for healing of old issues. The state of hypnosis is natural ability we all have that consists of heightened suggestibility and slower brainwaves which create a resonant frequency with the deeper part of us, the subconscious mind. This part of us can listen, follow directions, problem-solve, imagine, release, and integrate.

Laura's work client-centered. She works with each client and their sub-conscious wisdom to create safety, comfort, and powerful change. Some of the issues she see clients for include: anxiety, stress, confidence, old grief, weight loss, phobias, test anxiety, understanding their dreams, achieving a performance goal, and more.

After hypnosis, Reiki addresses the client energetically and promotes deeper healing and release.

Book a single 2-hour session for $200, or purchase the Hypnosis & Reiki Bundle for $600. The bundle includes four 2-hour sessions that include both hypnosis and Reiki.

Note: Laura does not specialize in smoking cessation. Clients should consult a specialist in this area.

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