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Angel Reading

Receive Angelic guidance on a question close to your heart.

Angel Reading

About Angels

Angels are real. Think of them as High Frequency Spiritual Beings -- or Thoughts of God.

Laura started to work with Angels intentionally after they showed themselves to her during a Holy Fire Reiki session. Whether we see them or not, they are here with us.

Angel Readings

Angels are here with us to serve our spiritual evolution and healing. When we ask them for their help, they will eagerly respond. They rarely tell us what to do, because they honor our free will. Instead, they help us view our situations from a higher perspective so that we can make new and better decisions. Often an Angel Reading is a way for angels to offer clients a higher context for understanding their life situation.

What to Expect During Your Angel Reading

Laura will ask you to verbalize the most important question you have for your angels. She will acknowledge their presence in the room and tune into them and to you. Your heartfelt question is the opening for them to offer healing, guidance, and deeper, empowering understanding of your life situation or goal.

Laura usually uses an Angel Wisdom Tarot Deck to help the process of communication. The Angels often help with "convincers" by giving Laura information only you could know, or by showing you aspects in the cards that are drawn that are particularly meaningful to you.

You can ask for a recording of your session in advance. You will also be invited to take a cell phone picture of your cards.

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