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Spiritual Mentoring

For clients who would like support as they turn within for deeper spiritual understanding and transformation.

Spiritual Mentoring

About Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching

Laura supports people who feel they are in an awakening experience or who feel stuck in old patterns and are ready to experience more peace in their lives through a spiritual approach.

She helps clients by offering a non-dual spiritual perspective, validating their observations, sharing from her own path, and suggesting empowering context for dealing with stressful life situations.

Reiki and/or hypnotherapy may be recommended to assist with releasing blocks.

Laura's spiritual perspective

Our life is both a mirror and a classroom. We are all split-minded, you can say -- we share a faulty egoic belief system of victim/victimization and separation, and we all share equally in the Oneness and Love of True Self. Only the True Self is true. But the ego feels true due to our identification with it.

We all have free will to choose which thought system to follow.

Transformation requires that we turn inwards to the source of our suffering. We learn to witness our thoughts and surrender the beliefs that get played out on repeat, producing the painful past again and again. We learn to connect to the "quiet center" within and to Rest.

The process is an undoing. We are not aware of our unconscious fear of Love, and we begin to respect that this is the source of our difficulty. We learn to release the past, to do less as a way to experience more, to surrender what we think we know (our interpretations, labels and rules), and to recognize our spacious"I Am" identity.

With practice, we begin to experience the effects of this as a feeling of inner peace and a life that runs more smoothly, while meeting everyone's needs.

What to Expect over the course of your sessions

  1. Prioritize your spiritual life. Laura will spend sometime getting to know you and your spiritual beliefs and practices (if you have any.) Clients are encouraged prioritize this part of their lives, because developing Trust and undoing ego takes desire and effort.

  2. Find a spiritual path or inspiration. Laura will ask that you find inspirational material to begin to "detox" themselves from the fear-based images and beliefs that limit them. Our world is like an incessant hypnotic suggestion for fear, hatred, sickness, and death. We need to feed our mind new inspiration and then practice, based on this inspiration, higher ways of meeting our fear and hate. Each of us finds the spiritual readings and practices that are right for us, and Laura can suggest some approaches and teachings if clients are interested. For instance, A Course in Miracles, Ken Wapnick, Robert Adams, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Michael Singer, Helen Hamilton, Joel Goldsmith, Lester Levenson, Adyashanti, Ramana Maharshi, and many other expressions of non-dual spirituality would be compatible.

  3. Become a student in your life's spiritual classrooms.

    Next, clients are taught to connect to their inner Teacher and to use their lives as a laboratory. Use what the personal life is reflecting as helpful data, then go within to ask the Inner Teacher for help in seeing the situation in a higher way. Judge by results for yourself whether this is a good approach. You are in charge, and you always have been.

Throughout your time with Laura, she will help you by reflecting back your new awareness and successes, giving you validation in your progress (which doesn't always LOOK like progress), encouraging you, and giving you new food for thought. She also urges us all to laugh a lot -- we humans can make things so serious, but laughter is the fast track.

Finally, Laura insists you trust your own Inner Experience and find your own unique way!  Never take anything she says as true just because she says it. Try it out.

We are all unique and we are all works in progress. Your own path is unique to you, even if you follow teachings from someone else. Be gentle with yourself and learn to trust the process.

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