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laura schopen, M.S. Cht.
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Laura Schopen, M.S. Cht.


Holy Fire® World Peace Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, and Animal Reiki Master/Teacher

Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Professional Life Coach

Certified Angel Intuitive


Laura sees clients in Reno, NV and remotely via Zoom.


Often clients first make an appointment because they are struggling with stress-related issues and want to take a more mind-body-spirit approach to the challenges in their life. Sometimes they are struggling a bit. Life can be hard for everyone sometimes, and it's okay to admit it. We can all benefit from receiving support!

Reiki Healing Sessions 

Laura has been working with Reiki energy since 2000. Today, her Holy Fire® Reiki healing energy sessions help just about everyone to feel calmer quickly.  Reiki releases blocks in our energetic field, which helps us feel grounded and more in control. Reiki is cumulative and it heals on multiple levels -- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Scientifically, we know it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and promotes healing. 


Animals love Reiki, too, and Laura has seen amazing changes in pets and their caregivers after Animal Reiki sessions.  (Read about Coco, one of Laura's Animal Reiki stories.) 

Holy Fire® Reiki Classes

She also teaches Holy Fire® Reiki and ICRT Animal Reiki classes!  Everyone can learn Reiki, and she encourages clients who have an interest to take a class.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful, elegant way to make change happen that can dramatically improve a person's sense of well-being. Laura has been certified as an advanced clinical hypnotherapist since 2005, and she offers 2-hour combined Hypnosis & Reiki Sessions for people interested in harnessing the power of their sub-conscious mind to release, heal, and achieve a higher perspective on current life issues. (See below for some of the issues and goals Laura has helped people overcome and achieve.)

Spiritual Life Coach

As a spiritual life coach/mentor, Laura encourages clients to cultivate curiosity about their inner experience, the nature of Reality, and their spiritual intuition. She also offers Angel readings, which can be informative and healing, too.

To learn more about Laura, see her healing education background. and read her short spiritual biography. To learn more about her work, visit Sessions.  Laura is not a licensed provider and can not treat or diagnose medical or mental health conditions. Please read important safety information /medical disclaimer

Laura Schopen gives client a Holy Fire Reiki session

Highlights of Available Offerings

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Not sure where to Start?
Here are 3 Options:

1. Try a Reiki session! 

Many clients start with a Holy Fire Reiki Session which helps just about everyone feel better right away. It also gives you a way to meet Laura, build rapport, and talk about other ways to work together if you are interested.


Use the online scheduling tool to book a time that works for you. Use the "NEWCLIENT" coupon to get 25% off your first session. If you'd like to discuss working longer-term on your goals, include this in your notes.

2. Talk with Laura on the phone.

Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call to discuss your goal with Laura and ask any questions you might have about Reiki, Hypnotherapy, an Angel Reading, or another type of session.

3. Email Laura. 

Contact Laura via email to give her some details about your situation/goals and let her know what questions you may have. 


Please read Laura's Important Safety Information.

where to start?
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Kris Johnson

I’ve known Laura for years. We started with hypnosis and reiki way back then. Recently we reconnected and did a cord cutting Angel experience. Oh my goodness what a powerful healing tool that was! The perfect mix of education, inspiration and healing. The connection she has with Angels is so special. Thanks Laura and the Angels who showed up for me ❤️‍ . I got immediate results!

Laura's philosophy and experience

Laura trusts what she calls the Divine Principle of Healing inherent within you. This Principle is always supporting and motivating everyone towards higher consciousness and greater peace and wellness.  As soon as we're ready and willing and ask, It activates.


What happens then? We find ourselves meeting the right people, finding the right Help, "receiving" the right information, etc. The synchronicities start showing up.


Laura has helped people reduce stress and anxiety...increase physical or emotional wellness... release fear or resentment ... forgiveness....release prolonged grief... find purpose...achieve goals...navigate major life transitions with calm...undo limiting patterns...conquer phobias...spiritual discovery...understand spiritual awakening phenomena...and many other goals.


Laura believes no matter how low we may feel in the moment, if we will ask for Help, turn our focus inward, be willing to see in new ways, and open to letting go -- we can become happier and more abundant in every way. 

"We are not defined by our life situations. This means there is always hope for greater peace. Peace is not contingent on, or a product of, an outer condition--Peace is an inner condition." 


   --Laura Schopen, M.S. Cht.

Issus and goals

A Course in Miracles

Laura has been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1987.

Her work is grounded in her practice of Forgiveness, as taught in ACIM, and by her study and experiences of other expressions of non-dual spirituality. 

From this perspective, only Love is Real. The rest is dreaming from which we can awaken.

A Miracle is a Shift in Perception from Fear to Love - A Course in Miracles
Angel holding Earth - Delivered into the arms of love by Mary Scott Soo

Location & Contact

Near Reno's Downtown and

University of Nevada Reno

Text - 775-560-0539

In Person & Distant Sessions

By Appointment Only

MONDAY-TUESDAY  12:00-7:00pm


Animal Reiki is offered via Zoom/phone only

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