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Letter from Laura

Let's just say can be intense.  The Good News is that there are tremendous resources of Help available, within and without, when we open to a new way.

Holy Fire® Reiki is a spiritual healing energy that we can invite to help us heal all aspects of our life. Here are a few of the things clients receive Reiki from me for:


Stress relief and support for recharging the nervous system -

Support during big life transitions -

 Complementary support for mental health/medical treatment -

Improved satisfaction in all categories (health, relationships, money, etc.) -

Property, business, or object cleansing.


I also offer distance Animal reiki. I have found this beautiful healing energy impacts both the animal and the caregiver in remarkable ways. (Read my recent animal reiki story about Coco.)

Angels are often present offering silent wisdom, love, and healing in the background of all my sessions. We can also work with them more directly in an Angel session.

I also partner with people interested in spiritual life-coaching.  I have found that maximizing my "problems" -- letting them be classrooms for undoing the ego -- has led to much more peace and fulfillment, so I teach what I have learned. Seen from a higher perspective, the squeeze Life may be putting on you is an opportunity. I help you open to new interpretations and release judgment about yourself and others. Sometimes I recommend hypnotherapy as part of our work together.


The foundation for all my work is True Forgiveness as taught in A Course in Miracles. I am really just a facilitator...the real healing is between you and the Holy Spirit. I can help as mentor and tireless cheerleader. :)


I love that you are considering new kinds of help. And if you like how my services sound, book a session or a free consultation.  I'd be honored to be part of your Support team. :)


Blessings on your journey!

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acim a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love

Laura Schopen, M.S.  Owner, Teacher, Healer


Holy Fire® World Peace and Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher

ICRT Animal Reiki Master

Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Professional Life Coach

Certified Angel Intuitive

Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner

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Every family should have a Reiki practitioner!
Learn about my Reiki classes.
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About My Sessions
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Use the code NEWCLIENT to receive 25% off first session.  To schedule a Reiki session, click 

To learn more about Holy Fire Reiki, Animal Reiki,  Angel, Spiritual Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions, please visit Sessions. 


You can also schedule a 15-minute consultation to discuss your questions and goals.  


Sessions are held in person (Reno, NV) or remotely via Zoom or phone.  All animal reiki sessions are distance only.

Reiki can be a powerful complement to mental health/medical treatment. Please read my safety information. 

What my clients say
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"I reached out to Laura over a year ago, looking for an alternative for depression & anxiety, I believe I was divinely guided to her. I instantly felt comfortable with her, like being around a true friend. I have experienced all of her sessions & reiki class, all have been so helpful for me to come out of a dark place. She has been a blessing to me!"

Tricia Hoyt

"All healing is essentially the release from fear."
A Course in Miracles

 My work is grounded in my life-long study and practice of non-dual spirituality and True Forgiveness as taught in A Course in Miracles.

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Location & Contact

Near Reno's Downtown and

University of Nevada Reno

Text - 775-560-0535

By Appointment Only

MONDAY-TUESDAY  12:00-7:00pm


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