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Relax. Release. Balance. Heal.

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Letter from Laura

Let's just say can be hard. Our daily problems and all the ways problems and dis-ease manifest are often very challenging. I help people move through life challenges using spiritual tools. 


Here are a few of the things clients see me for:  stress relief and support for recharging the nervous system; support during big life transitions; complimentary support for medical treatment; help in transcending an old, fear-based patternsimproved satisfaction in all categories (health, relationships, money, etc.).

Reiki can help in just about every life/health situation, and it can never do harm. Receiving Reiki is like getting an "inner massage."  In a short time, we often feel like we've let go of something heavy. Everything is easier when we feel more relaxed and freer. 

Angels are often present in the background of my Reiki and coaching sessions, but we can also invite them in more directly.  Angel sessions can include card readings and other healing. Think of Angels as "thoughts of God."  They cheerfully help us raise our consciousness.

I also partner with people interested in spiritual life coaching. This is a way we can look together at the content of your life and assume it is your Soul's classroom. My foundation is True Forgiveness as taught in A Course in Miracles. In my coach role, I am your mentor and cheerleader.  Hypnotherapy sessions may also be recommended as we work together.


Let's look at the squeeze life is putting you through with new is helping shed something that does not serve you so you can bloom! 

If you like how this sounds, book a session or a free consultation. :)

Blessings on your journey!

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Laura Schopen, M.S. 


Karuna Holy Fire III® Reiki Master,

Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Professional Life Coach

Certified Angel Intuitive

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Take a Leap!

Learn Holy Fire® Reiki

And live your Highest Life Potential...

Anyone of all ages can learn Reiki, because it is something we receive.

Reiki classes accelerate our personal and spiritual healing and growth. They are also for healing practitioners who want a powerful way to work with others.

I teach in-person classes, as well as online via Zoom. Click to learn more.

"All healing is essentially the release from fear."
A Course in Miracles

 My work is grounded in my life-long study and practice of non-dual spirituality.

My Sessions

Book an in-person or remote session by clicking below. For a 15-minute consultation, click here.

Please read my important safety information.


Let's chat if you are interested in hypnotherapy! I like to make sure your goals match up well with my approach to this work before you book a session. Set up a phone consultation to discuss (click here), or you can contact me to inquire about your interest in hypnosis sessions.

In-Person or Distance Reiki

Karuna Holy Fire III® Reiki is a powerful, but gentle energy healing method. Reiki helps release blocks in our energy field that obstruct our life force from flowing freely and create stress and mental/emotional/physical challenges.


Scientific studies show that Reiki stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which leads to relaxation, pain reduction, and healing. Reiki can support conventional medicine and psychotherapy. Reiki requires no belief, can do no harm, and is appropriate for all ages.

Angel Healing 

Angels are real. Think of them as High Frequency Spiritual Beings -- or Thoughts of God -- here with us to serve. When we ask them for their help, they will eagerly guide and heal us. They assist us in releasing the past negative ties we have with situations, people, and objects from this lifetime and past/future lifetimes. I tune into them with you, and we ask them for healing, guidance, and deeper understanding around any question you have. You can ask for an Angel Card Reading to assist, or I may suggest one.

They also will frequently show up spontaneously in my Holy Fire Reiki sessions!

Spiritual Life Coaching

 I help people who are open to spiritual perspectives to see their lives in terms of a classroom for spiritual evolution. I stay practical and optimistic, while helping you reframe your current situation in terms of what it may be showing you for release.  My practice focuses on self inquiry, forgiveness, and releasing judgments and limitations, as well as receiving guidance from the Holy Spirit. My influences are many but focus around non-dual spirituality, especially forgiveness as taught by A Course In Miracles.


Twenty years ago, I received a profound hypnotherapy session that changed my life forever. Today I love to collaborate with others using hypnotherapy to facilitate transformative communication with your subconscious mind. Your own inner wisdom is profound. When we access it by creating a resonance between your conscious and unconscious brainwaves, we can ask its guidance and assistance in achieving more well-being and success in all areas of our lives.

Book a 15-minute consultation with me to discuss! 

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What Clients Say...

"Working with Laura helps me to feel more in touch with the divine while simultaneously helping me feel more grounded in the physical. I value her level headed and lighthearted approach to navigating the spiritual awakening process. Her card readings are also very on point and have helped me immensely on my journey!"

Crystal Dorval

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